Lessons From a Leper

The Bible contains a fascinating account of a prominent man who suffered from leprosy, his interaction with a man of God and a selfish servant.  What might we learn from the account of Naaman?

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Lessons from Manasseh

The Greatest Love Story Ever Told

Metaphors of God

Great encouragement and comfort can be found when we understand the metaphors that begin with "God is..

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Why Do I Have to Grow Old?

As the song says, “It’s the circle of life, and it moves us all.” But old age is not thought by most to be a blessing, but rather a curse.  Why does God allow us to grow old?  In this sermon we examine this...

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The Church of 40 Years Ago

What lessons can we glean from the church as it was forty years ago?

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Save Yourself

Peter gave a grave warning to his audience on the day the New Testament Church was founded.  What was that warning and how might we take heed?

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Pentecost the Mount Sinai Connection

River of Living Waters

Being Led By God’s Spirit

Christians have been granted a powerful guide for their lives - the very Spirit of God.  How does God spirit lead and am I following?

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