Your Spiritual Vision-Is It Clear or Cloudy?

The Glasses God Offers

In Their Own Eyes

Answers From Genesis

Origins can reveal quite a bit of information to us. In this sermon we'll answer questions from the first few pages of the book of beginnings -  Genesis.

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Godly Friendships

Caleb & Joshua—Campers with Clear Vision

More than a Resurrection

 in a most stunning way, Jesus Christ showed He has power over death.  What can we learn from this amazing miracle?

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The Vital Importance of Doctrine

Does it really matter what you believe as long as you are a 'good' person?  In this sermon we analyze why doctrine is absolutely vital and why it does matter what you believe.  

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Parable of the Minas

What can a Christian learn from the Parable of the Minas?

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The Divine Action of Forgiveness

We are most like beasts when we kill. We are most like men when we judge. We are most like God when we forgive." ~ William Ward.  In this sermon we'll examine how we can be more like God through the divine action of forgiveness.  

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